Q & A

Some of our most frequently asked questions and answers are below.
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How much do you charge?

We work with our clients in one of two ways:

Fixed Quote – No Hidden Surprises.

We work out exaxctly what you need and what your budget allows, and provide you a fixed quote for your project. We are not one of those companies that add on hidden fees for items you need. Our fixed price quotes cover all the basics.

With fixed quote projects we will require 50% payment upfront and 50% on completion.  


This is for those smaller projects or one-off fixes. Need a brochure updated? Or a last minute infographic added to your presentation? We can help you with our pay per hour charge. 

We do the work first, and invoice you after — either on a weekly basis (for larger or ongoing projects) or once we’ve delivered the final product to you (for smaller / one-off projects). 

Have a medium sized project?

We also offer a pre-paid service that allows you to pre-purchase 10-hour blocks…. best part here is we give you a 10% discount off our standard hourly rate!! These hours need to be prepaid in order to receive the discount. All worked hours are timed and a report given to show you exactly wehre your hours where spent. 

How long do you store my items?

We generally store items eletornically for 6 months. We know that sometimes files can get lost. You can always get in touch and ask us to re-send items within this time frame at no extra cost! 

Do you only work on the Gold Coast?

We have clients all over Australia and some International clients. We understand the importance of timezone differences and are happy to discuss after hours appointments to suit your project needs. 

How do I contact you?

We work best via email – we do LOVE to have a chat with our clients but most of our office day is spent in front of a screen creating some amazing designs. Email us if you need a fast response! 

What is the standard turn around time for projects?

This is a tricky one! And it really does depend on the size of your project, how many revisions you need and also the time of year. 

We always try to fit in around your deadlines, so if you let us know your project timeline, we will tell you if we can make it. And we stick to it! 

Still have a Question?

If your questions hasn’t been answered in our Q&A, please feel free to use the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!