Promote Your Business – Mugs and Pens Are Better Than Business Cards

We get it, business cards are so 2005. They’re boring, they get lost in the shuffle of paperwork, and let’s be real, most people don’t want to carry around another piece of paper in their wallet. That’s why you should consider switching things up with promotional materials from CG Marketing. From customised mugs to branded pens, promotional materials are the perfect way to promote your business in a fun and creative way.

Here are a few reasons why you should ditch the business cards and start promoting your business with customised materials:

  1. People actually use promotional materials

When was the last time you threw away a good pen or coffee mug? Probably never. That’s because people actually use promotional materials, which means your branding will be in front of them on a regular basis. Plus, when they use your branded pen to sign a contract or drink their morning coffee out of your mug, they’ll be reminded of your business.

  1. Promotional materials are more memorable than business cards

Let’s face it, business cards all look the same. But a customised mug or pen with your business’s branding is unique and memorable. It’s a conversation starter, and people are more likely to remember your business when they have a tangible item that they can associate with it.

  1. Promotional materials can be used in a variety of settings

While business cards are limited to professional settings, promotional materials can be used in a variety of settings. Your customised water bottle can be used at the gym, your branded tote bag can be used at the grocery store, and your personalised stress ball can be used at home. The possibilities are endless.

Now that you’re convinced that promotional materials are the way to go, it’s time to find a supplier. Luckily, CG Marketing is here to help. They offer a wide range of promotional materials, including mugs, pens, water bottles, tote bags, stress balls, and more. All of their products are high-quality and customisable, so you can create the perfect product to promote your business.

Promotional materials are a fun and creative way to promote your business. They’re more memorable than business cards, people actually use them, and they can be used in a variety of settings. Plus, with CG Marketing’s high-quality and customisable products, you can create the perfect promotional item for your business. So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the business cards and start promoting your business with mugs and pens.

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